Gift of An Hour

 December 13, 2021

The Gift of An Hour

One hour can change hearts and minds to choose life.  It happens here every day.

You can provide for a scared young woman with an untimely pregnancy by donating one hour of your salary or time this Christmas Season!

Just one hour of your salary will make a huge impact!
  • A pregnant mom will meet her baby for the first time through an ultrasound
  • A frightened teenager will hear a kind voice answer her crisis call in the middle of the night
  • A needy family will receive desperately needed formula and diapers.
And just one hour of prayer can give us strength for the battle and provide a shield of protection around us, so we can continue to rescue the unborn and help families thrive. We know prayer is a powerful weapon!

We never underestimate the difference an hour can make.  Donate your hour below. If you use the salary calculator, we do not see your salary.  It is a simple calculator only.

We will update totals every week.  Thank you for making this Christmas bright for many families.