We recently received this lovely letter from a client and wanted to share her beautiful story of courage and perseverance. We have her permission to share it with you.

To my Client Advocate, Amy: 

I came into Pregnancy Center East on July 3, 2018, extremely nervous.  I want to thank you for helping me through a very scary time in my life.

I remember you taking me back into the room to talk, and all I kept thinking to myself was “How am I going to raise this child?”  You sat and listened to all my fears and worries with an open heart. I wish I could find words to thank you. I now have a little girl named Harper because of you.  I am married now (to my boyfriend at the time), graduated from nursing school in December of 2018, and am applying for nursing jobs.  

I hope other women like me find comfort when coming to see you.  You have given me so much faith and hope, and I owe many thanks to you for your generous help on that day.

Enjoy your summer,

Meghan and Harper